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How to Apply

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Welcome to North Carolina Central University School of Law! You’re about to embark on a journey through a legacy of learning that will challenge you academically and intellectually. Embracing our heritage, our mission is to provide a high quality, personalized practice-oriented and affordable legal education to historically underserved students to help diversify the legal profession.

North Carolina Central University School of Law is a student-oriented place of learning. The School of Law seeks students who are more likely to contribute affirmatively to the learning of others because of their intellectual attainments, demonstrated emotional maturity and self-discipline, oral ability, and capacity to benefit from the school’s educational program. Applicants, who individually have overcome economic, societal or educational obstacles, make a very important contribution to the diversity of the student body and serve as role models of achievement. These factors are important predictors of success. Applicants selected for admission bring to the School of Law many attributes, including academic credentials; personal and professional experiences; strong analytical and problem-solving abilities; strong writing skills; oral communication and listening abilities; organizational and time management skills; general research skills; and the desire to promote justice and serve others. Learn more about us.

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I remember looking up how to apply. Came to Central's website first. And there were some pretty clear directions to do it through the LSAT site.

They're prompted to go to our application, of course, fill it out. Once that application is complete, we will get that information and determine if there is additional information that we need. Submitting the personal statement, the resume, and of course, the transcripts to LSAC. Once we see it is complete, then we'll go ahead and start the review.

Once I have my application in, I was contacted just to let me know that my application had been received, that it would be under review. They gave me a general time frame. And they gave me a link where I check my application status. Altogether, the process probably took about a couple months.

I actually logged in to check my application status on a whim one day. And I saw that "admited." And it was awesome! I was really excited. But then I got the paper copy. I think something about getting the paper copy is a lot more fulfilling.