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Game day experience just doesn't begin on game day. Everybody's getting ready with pep rallies and just being able to enjoy the festivities. The Basketball Hall is just an opportunity for individuals to come down, to reflect, to showcase our men's and women's basketball program, all the way from the beginning when it first started, all the way through four MEAC championships. The football team definitely has resources that are available. They have opportunities to gain scholarships. They have opportunities to come in and play with Division 1 teams.

And our coaching staff-- they serve as mentors. They have open-door policies. They have opportunities that they are available if students need to talk, if they need to get referrals. We are one big family.

We just don't focus primarily on the sport of the season. We make sure that our student athletes here at the University are student athletes. So it provides them with the opportunity to play, to showcase, to just stimulate the mind and just be able to get out there on a great Saturday afternoon and just really put it all out there.