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Research Opportunities


  • One-on-one interaction with faculty
  • students working on experiments in labs
  • students interacting with professors
  • feature state of the art resources and fully equipped labs

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NC Central University has a number of research opportunities. It's a really rich diversity here. In terms of what you're looking for right now, we have two research-intensive institutes, BRITE, which we're looking at right now, as well as the BBRI. We have a number of faculty that have been given time to work extensively on the research, and we have large and spacious labs with a lot of new state-of-the-art equipment to be able to do this. And NCCU's making this all possible through their investment.

Getting research with a professor, joining the PI lab, which stands for Principal Investigator, is crucial, because that's where you learn the skill. That's where you learn more than anything, if you want to do research, if you want to have a career within the sciences.

All of our students, undergraduate and graduate, are directly involved and have their own independent research projects and work side by side at the bench with a mentor like myself. So we're going through the scientific process. How exactly do you do design of experiment? So they get the hands-on experience and at the same time, they're helping to push forward our own research.

Having that connection as a result of being a student here, feel that I'm more than prepared to go anywhere.

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