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To Bring or Not to Bring that is the question?

Residential Living at NCCU

  • Students will be informed on what items to bring when moving into their new residential housing assignment.
  • Students will be informed on what items to leave at home when prepping for their arrival at NCCU
  • Helpful safety and security tips to ensure a healthy living environment will be shared.

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In order to be successful, there are a long list of things that you can find on our housing website and also the university website, but I want to highlight a couple. You definitely should think about bringing utilities and toiletries, like an iron. Bring your clothes. Think about leaving some of your seasonal ones at home, but definitely the ones including your NCCU T-shirts, a wallet, and a key chain to keep up with your ID and your card, because if you don't have those, you can't get into our halls.

Things that a student should not bring as well-- those would include hot plates, candles, candle warmers, and also weapons, guns-- anything that would harm another student. So keep those hot things at home. We have your microwave, and we have your fridge.

To stay safe on campus, the biggest thing is to let folks know where you are, travel with your ID and your keys, and make sure that you're locking your door behind you. That's so important in ensuring everyone's success, including your roommate.

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