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Explore the Residential Halls

Residential Living at NCCU

  • A residential hall room will be showcased for first year students to view.
  • Residential halls are more than just a place to sleep.
  • Amenities such as computer labs, study spaces, and kitchens are available.
  • If you are in a living learning community you will be sharing a space with likeminded students in academic, lifestyle and service oriented living communities.

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The advantage of living on campus is really simple. It allows you to get to know people. Especially as a first-year student, you have a community to come home to and also learn.

Our traditional-style residential halls consist of floor living, which is corridor-style. It means there's two bathrooms on every end. We do have suite styles, where there is one bedroom for each person, and they share two bathrooms and a living space, or double rooms, and they'll share that within the suite-style space.

So inside residence halls, we have amenities such as the common area, multi-purpose rooms that students come and hang out with each other. And we generally have a kitchen. We have a computer lab as well, so that you don't have to go all the way to the library when you have to do work at 1:00 AM.

We have three different types of staff that are in the hall, everything from our housekeepers in our facilities to an area coordinator.

There are a couple opportunities to be in a live-and-learn community. You are ensuring that you're going to be on the floor, and you're going to be living with people that have the same common goals, interests, and you're going to be in the same classes. Within our residential halls, we want to make sure that you're not only just sleeping in this space, but you're learning, you're engaging, and you're starting to grow as a leader on campus, to grow as a student, with staying on campus.

You're taking in the college experience, you're a lot closer to your classes, and you're able to surround yourself with the education. You sleep on this campus, so you get to wake up and experience it every single day. And everybody has that eagle pride.

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