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Leaving a Legacy

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  • Alumni share how their experience prepared them for the legal profession

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I definitely know that North Carolina Central University School of Law prepared me for the practice of law. Being involved in trials, I got exposure to people at the courthouse and got to observe cases and different things that took place at the courthouse as a student.

I was very surprised at the level of interaction and access I had to the professors. Most of our professors had open door policy, and students are able to utilize and come in during office hours, as well as communicate via email and chat.

This is a school of opportunity. We have a lot of minority students. We have a lot of women students. And so a lot of the students, I can relate to them on different levels. It's been embedded in me from the day I stepped foot on this campus about truth and service. And so that I live by daily.

Professors were able to get me my first job with an alumnus from a small town.

Make good connections with your professors. Make good connections with people in the community, i.e., judges, clerks.

I still maintain that level of networks in the community that North Carolina Central really offers.

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