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  • Students share why they chose NCCU
  • Students discuss their experience.
  • Showcase classroom, library, and study areas
  • Faculty talking about their expectations in the classroom, grading scale, and
  • 1L to 2L Mentorship Program
  • Mention Student Organizations

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Well, for me, I think Central has all the right things.

I knew that coming here I would have a top-quality legal education, and I would get it for the fraction of the price anywhere else.

Having had a prior career, after 25 years I was ready for change.

North Carolina Central has a long history and mission of protecting people's rights and civil rights. And one of my children is transgender, so that really spoke to me.

There are tons of opportunities for you as students just get engaged here at the NCCU School of Law.

The library has been a great resource for me, especially the online guides, because they offer a lot of steady aids.

We have approximately 10 to 12 clinics here, more than most schools would even imagine having.

One of the programs that I love at North Carolina Central is the mentor-mentee program. And your upper class students volunteering to help the new incoming law students navigate through the process of law school. They've been there. And so they want to help.

I've had the opportunity to represent our law school on panels, both in the state and outside the state.

Under the supervision of a real attorney, as a 2L law student was actually able to work with clients and help them solve their problems, and that was awesome.

It's a great sense of family. You're known by your name, so you don't feel like you're walking around like a number.

Your professors are always available and approachable to provide extra help.

They're very heavy on making sure you have those practical skills as well as you have substantive knowledge. By the time I graduate, I will definitely be practice ready.

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