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  • VJP addresses the under-representation of African American lawyers and a lack of access to justice for low income and marginalized communities.
  • Virtual pre-law courses prepare students for Law School
  • Virtual legal information sessions empower participants to understand the law and promote self-advocacy

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We as a law school have a rich history of providing legal education for over 40 years. There are a number of people who have been underrepresented in the legal profession. What we've done with the virtual Justice Project created a project that allows for us to tap the underrepresented population, to prepare them to go to law school.

Our online programs help train lawyers even before they actually enter the law school. We actually have a pre-law course where you can actually take virtually. You're able to take legal writing and legal theory actually from a law school professor before you even become an admitted student.

In the pre-law courses that the students start taking, they're coming to the space in our telepresence room. We can have up to 100 people in the space connected by videoconferencing, or we can get up to five people.

Our professors can livestream a lecture right from their computers. You can go back and you can review. So you don't get behind in your studies, you don't get behind in the schedule, and the syllabus, everything's taken care of.

We live in a digital age. And because we live in a digital age, it's important for students to be equipped to use technology to practice law. And the virtual Justice Project allows for them to have some of that experience.

We're truly a step above when it comes to technology.

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