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  • The Legal Clinic currently consist of 10 programs, 9 of which provide direct legal services to citizens in the Durham, North Carolina area
  • Sponsor externship opportunities in the Pathway to Practice Externship program
  • Committed to preparing students to become highly skilled lawyers


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So here at North Carolina Central's law school, we offer lots of opportunities for our students to engage in practical skills. They, for academic credit, can actually take several clinical courses. Our clinical program includes 10 clinics all together, nine of which actually involve direct legal services to clients in the Durham community. So students have the opportunity, if they enroll in one of our clinical programs, to work with real clients and do real legal work before they ever graduate from law school.

The Pathways to Practice program is a program in which our students are able to either intern with one of the clinics here at the law school or be placed in what we call the field placement out in the community. And so they will find an attorney's office or an agency in which they could do an externship, and so they will get experience working under the supervision of an attorney at one of those locations.

In order to practice law, you need to know your clients, and you need to have an opportunity in order to test that in an environment where you're supervised. This is an opportunity for people to train in a secure, supervised environment before they actually become practice ready.

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