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Apply for Housing

Residential Living at NCCU

  • Students will learn how to fill out their housing application to live on campus.
  • Students will log into MyEOL at nccu.edu/intranet.
  • Housing room rates and community living standards will be shared.
  • Students will pay a Housing Administrative Fee to complete the housing application process.
  • Students will learn how to choose their room assignment in the application process

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So here in the office, we try to make it easy for our students to apply for housing.

There's only three things that you need, your student ID number and your personal information, your myEOL, which is our online portal for the university, and, third, a laptop, a mobile device, and/or a computer.

Basically, all they have to do is go to their myEOL, click on the tab that's called my housing. It brings them to their portal. And right in the left corner, you'll see my housing and my applications. You click on it, and that's how you can start your application. And after you do your housing application, you're able to see your roommate once you pick your room, and then also the roommate that you desire once you do the selection. Then they're also able to put in different requests when it comes to a room change.

So you'll get your room assigned by a couple of ways. If you're in a special interest group, or if you're an athlete, or if you're an incoming first year student, there's different abilities to have your room in a particular hall.

We try to accommodate the student needs when it comes to how to fill our the housing application. There's multiple emails that'll have instructions for you. When you log in, there's also a couple of videos that'll come into the bottom of the website to show how to fill your housing application. And then also we have staff here that helps you on how to fill out the housing application, so everything's in one place for you.